CCBot/2.0 ( Hand Held Billing Machine /Spot Billing Machine

Hand Held Billing Machine /Spot Billing Machine


Bus Ticketing  / Fare Collection Automation Solutions.
Micro Finance / Field Payment Collection System.
POS / Sales Force Automation (SFA) System.
Parking Coupon  / Toll Collection Management System.
Restaurant Management System (KOT / BOT).
Utility (Electricity / Water) Billing System.
Police Spot Fine Management System and Many More..........
Cable tv collection
Order Booking / Processing in hotel,canteen,etc.
Inventory Management
Vehicle Parking
Tax Collection
Utility Meter Recording/Printing
Hand Held Billing
Point of sale
To Print item wise bill.
Petrol Bunk’s Billing
Bank Due Collection
ChitFund’s Collection
Visitors token
Mobile sales / van sales
Call taxi billing
Token distributing system
Billing through item code search.
Provision to include VAT,Tax etc...


Ergonomically designed keypad-Easy to Use.
Stores more than1000 items and 50000* bill Savings.
High Bright Graphical LCD.
Good Quality High Speed thermal printer,printable width 2 inches.
RS 232 port/USB,Bluetooth connectivity
Customized android applications
4 MB memory and expandable up to32 MB.
36 Hours Battery Backup and works even in direct Supply.
Display Customer's name , Message on the bill.
Stock management feature
Lowest Total Cost OwnerShip.
Data Security 5 Years
Highly Secured operation with password protection And Many More customized features.