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High Quality LED Lights and Energy Saving Lighting Solution

We  certainly hear and know  lots  about the advantages and benefits of the energy efficiency of LED light emitting diodes and traditional lighting. When we compare them to other energy-saving illumination methods that are available in the  market today,we understand that LED lighting is by far the most power-saving and smart solution.latest research and developments in the field of LED illumination is about to bring upon us an intelligent green LED lighting revolution that will help us to reduce the power consuming and save the planet from various facts.The first and far the most important fact is the most energy efficient, the cleanest and most Eco-friendly way of illumination. And LED lighting  is basically digital light and comes with a multitude of amazing benefits. So nowadays we have plenty of good reasons for being passionate about LED lighting and are so glad about offering you our exclusive led lighting solutions with quality LED lights from certified LED manufacturers.

Some of the important facts that why we have to go for LED lightings are

1. Long Life

The life of a high-power white LEDs is projected to be from 35,000 to 50,000 hours, compared to 750 to 2,000 hours for an incandescent bulb,  8,000 to 10,000 hours for a compact fluorescent and 20,000 to 30,000 hours for a linear fluorescent bulb . so The number one benefit of LED light is Long life time to stand out  operational lifetime expectation of up to 50,000 hours . ie Approximately 5.5 years of continuous operation.

2. Size & Energy Efficiency

LEDs measure from 3 to 8 mm long and can be used singly or as part of an array. The small size and low profile of LEDs allow them to be used in spaces that are too small for other light bulbs.Todays most efficient way of illumination and lighting, with an estimated energy efficiency of 80%-90% when compared to traditional lighting and conventional light bulbs.

3. Ecologically Friendly & Low temperature

LED lights are free of toxic chemicals and are 100% recyclable. So it won't lead to any dangerous for the environment.Conventional light bulbs waste most of their energy as heat.                  For eg: an incandescent bulb gives off 90 percent of its energy as heat, while a compact  fluorescent  bulb wastes 80 percent as heat . But LEDs remain cool as long as it glows.

4. Durable Quality

LEDs are extremely durable and built with stalwart components that are highly rugged and can withstand even the roughest conditions.

5. Zero UV Emissions

LED illumination Emits a very little infrared light and close to no UV emissions.

6. Design Flexibility

We can be combined  LEDs  in any shape to produce highly efficient illumination. Individual LED  or an array  can be dimmed as per needs which is resulting in a dynamic control of light.

7. Can be Operated in Extreme Cold or Hot Temperatures

LED are ideal for operation under cold and low outdoor temperature settings as well as in cold settings.

8. Light Dispersement

Since LED is designed to focus its light and can be directed to a specific location without using any  external reflector,we can achieve a higher application efficiency than conventional lighting

9. Instant Lighting & Frequent Switching

Since LED lights brighten up immediately and when powered on,it  has great advantages for infrastructure projects .Also, LED lights can switch off and on frequently and without affecting the LED’s lifetime or light emission

10. Low-Voltage

Of all above said reasons , A  very low-voltage power supply is sufficient for LED illumination. This makes it easy to use LED lighting by connecting an external solar-energy source  or some other small Battery source.

Range of LED Products

1. Outdoor & Indoo Commercial Lighting

2. Interior Commercial Lighting

3. Landscape Lighting                                                                                           

4. Solar led Application                                                                                                 

5. High Quality Moving/Scrolling LED Display with real time Clock single/Multi color led.                

6. LED based Sigh Boards for Outdoor advertisement                                                          

7. Call Taxi/Bus Front/Rear Display boards with multi language option                                             

8. Token/Production seven segment message display boards with remote control option          

9. All types of customized designs with GPRS/RF/ZIGBEE/GSM/IR REMOTE/OPTIC FIBER CABLE                                                                         

RS 485/422/ WIFI features.                                                          


36 key keyboard facility with alphanumeric characters as well as special symbols.                    

8 alarms                                                                                                             

Multiple functionally with message, Time and Date Display features.                                  

Menu for easy access of functions                                                                                 

Hot keys to easy and quick Access of files                                                                     

User can run 200 pages of 64 characters each, By setting run sequence at Once.               

Large Clock Display                                                                                                      

9 to 12 Volts Adopter, Low Energy Consumption                                                             

And many more Highly User Friendly features

Technical Specifications:

No of characters on Display 16/32/48/64                                                                     

Pitch-7.5mm/10 mm/12.5 mm                                                                                   


Storage Capacity-16640 characters.                                                                          

Signal Input-PC interface/ LAN Connected/Remote Control                                               

Outer Body-Aluminum /MS Powder Coated/ACS                                                        

Message Languages-English and any Indian Languages                                                

Indoor, semi Outdoor & outdoor visibility                                                                    

Reliable LED Display                                                                                                   

High resolution for  readability                                                                                 

Single, Double or Multiple Line Display                                                                              

PC communication available Rs-232/485/422                                                                 

Clock Accuracy:±10 min. Per year at 25 Degrees Centigrade                                 

Environment : Temp. : 0-5 °C, Humidity : 0-95% Non-Condensing.                                 

Power Input :90Vac,260Vac-50 Hz


Information display for the general public                                                                   

Stock Exchange                                                                                                    

Airports for flight information,general slogans, message display.                                          

Hospitals ,Banks,                                                                                                         

Research Campus/Education institutions/Industrial information display                            

Railway Stations,Vehicle Mobile Advertisement display boards                                                

Suitable for shop, Office, highway,Restaurant,Fast-food, malls,cinema theaters.etc.