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 Missed Call Data Logger 

Unique features

  •  Only one time investment to own your Missed call alert device
  • No monthly / Yearly Renewal charges.
  • No - dedicated internet / dedicated computer required.
  • No website log in need. But can track through LAN and WEB
  • All calls will be stored in Device database.
  • Customised SMS will be sent to the dialed numbers.
  • Number of called times from a particular number can be  tracked with time details in excel sheet.
  • Will Support all GSM Mobile Network.
  • Standard Report Generation Software is free of Cost.
  • Report  generation software can be Customized -Chargeable

Application industries

  •  All type of customer support industries.
  •  All type of Marketing Companies / Electronics Home Appliances
  •  All type of Car / Bike / vehicle Showrooms / Service Centers.
  •  Call centers / Tele Shoppers / Real Estate Promoters.
  •  Logistics Service / tours&Travels / Parcel services.
  •  Hospitals / Pharmaceuticals / Medical services.
  •  All Service centers / Call Taxi / Share Auto.
  •  All Educations Institutions / Private training / Coaching Centers / Etc.

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